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Yaroslav Askarov tries to convince himself that “everything happens for a reason”
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Last night, we learned that the Nashville Predators had made a big decision.

Barry Trotz and Juuse Saros are close to agreeing on the terms of an eight-year contract extension ($7.74 million per season) that will keep the goaltender in town until 2033.

Now that’s what I call big news.

The collateral victim of all this is Yaroslav Askarov. The goaltender is probably the next great Russian goaltender in the NHL, and now his path to the NHL is blocked in Nashville.

He could even return to Milwaukee (AHL) in 2024-2025 to get some serious playing time.

Right now, the goalie knows his future doesn’t lie with Tennessee. After watching Trotz store him last year for the Habs’ #5 pick, he understands he’ll be traded someday. That day could be today… or a year from now.

On social networks, we saw him post a Story in which he mentions that everything happens for a reason, in life.

Clearly, because it’s draft day, some teams are going to call the Predators to see if there’s a way to come to an agreement with management to acquire the guy who’s had big stats in the AHL for the past two years.

Just in case, here’s the table of the top 16 picks in the upcoming draft.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if his name was circulating more and more intensely. After all, he has the potential to become one of the NHL’s best goalies, and he’s still very young.

Does the Habs have what it takes to go out and get him, either with its youngsters or by picking up a good pick before sending him to Nashville? And if so, are they willing to give it their all, or do they have confidence in Samuel Montembeault, Cayden Primeau and their prospects?


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