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Demidov: The Habs’ #1 choice should he become available
Credit: Getty Images
For several weeks now, Ivan Demidov has been a popular name in Montreal.

And rightly so.

The Russian needs no introduction and we know, after all, that he has undeniable offensive talent. Some even go so far as to say that Demidov has the potential to score 100 points per season in the NHL…

That’s why the idea of the Habs being able to draft him is salivating in the eyes of many.

But will Demidov be available at No. 5?

If the answer to that question is yes, we can expect him to be selected by Kent Hughes and his assistants.

According to the TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau, yesterday’s meeting between Demidov and the Habs went well.

This is consistent with what Jeff Gorton told the media yesterday at his late-afternoon press briefing.

Ultimately, we know that everything will depend on the Blackhawks, the Ducks and the Blue Jackets.

If the Hawks draft Artyom Levshunov (as expected) and the Ducks select Zeev Buium (that’s what’s circulating right now), this will allow Kent Hughes to select Demidov or Cayden Lindstrom.

If Demidov goes 4th to the Blue Jackets, Lindstrom could turn out to be a good consolation prize…

And I find it hard to believe that the Habs will be “disappointed” to acquire a 6’3′ big guy who’s capable of scoring goals.

But of course, it would be ideal to see Demidov slide to No. 5, and there seems to be a good chance of that happening, according to Elliotte Friedman.


– I love it!

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