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Weber on his last year in Montreal: “Some days I couldn’t get out of bed”.
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Shea Weber was inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier this week.

The defenseman, who played for the Canadiens and Predators, said he was surprised by the news…

And understandably so, because few expected him to enter the Hall in his first year of eligibility.

The former Tricolore captain was on the radio today(TSN 690) to talk about what happened in the last few days, and he emptied his heart about the end of his career.

He made a point of apologizing because, after his last season, he shut himself off without talking to anyone…

Because in the end, he was having physical and mental difficulties.

He couldn’t take it anymore, in his last year with the Habs:

Mentally, it wasn’t going well, and physically either […] There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed, when I couldn’t walk. I don’t want to talk about the amount of medication I took, because it kept piling up. – Shea Weber

Weber was known as a reserved guy in everyday life… But he seems to be at peace with what happened.

He’s now focused on his family and kids:

During his radio interview, Weber also claimed that he (somewhat) helped the Habs with scouting when he stopped playing.

He wasn’t deeply involved in the organization’s decisions, but he still enjoyed the experience.

The last few years have not been easy for the man who was greatly appreciated during his (short) stay in Montreal.

But now, things seem to have settled down for him, and in the end, that’s all that’s important.

He’s taken a step back, and while he still wants to play, he knows it’s not physically possible. On the other hand, he’s aware that the fans have always loved him because he worked his butt off for the club logo…

And that’s what made him such an excellent leader, both in the bedroom and in the dressing room. And he knows it.


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