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Jesse Ylönen will not receive a qualifying offer from the Habs
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With just over 24 hours to go before the first round of the draft, Jeff Gorton spoke to the media in Vegas.

Naturally, the Habs vice-president of hockey operations answered a few draft-related questions…

But he didn’t stop there. For example? He told reporters that Jesse Ylönen will not receive a qualifying offer from the Habs.

Does that mean the Finn will automatically leave the Montreal organization this summer?

No, because there’s a world in which the Habs could still decide to offer him a new contract… But ultimately, to see him back in Montreal for next season would be very, very, very surprising .

Nobody’s going to cry if Jesse Ylönen isn’t back next year.

Why not?

Because the player has never proven his worth in the Habs’ lineup since his arrival in North America (2020-2021).

It’s time to move on… Because in 111 games played in a Habs uniform, Ylönen has never lived up to his potential.

The player was still picked 35th in the 2018 draft, after all… And he should have been able to give more.

Jeff Gorton also delved into other topics. Here’s what I took away from his press conference:

1. Kent Hughes is involved in several discussions at the moment.

The Canadiens’ GM has his phone ringing and is active in the market.

It is this time of the season, after all.

2. Jeff Gorton persists in saying that tomorrow, the Habs will pick the best player available at No. 5.

In fact, Gorton said he’s confident his group will choose a player with the fifth pick, even if the possibility of trading him is still on the table.

But the club’s vice-president of hockey operations also confided that he likes the opportunity and that the Habs want to take advantage by selecting a player who can help the club in the long term.

3. Unlike Ylönen, it’s worth noting that Justin Barron and Arber Xhekaj will receive qualifying offers from the Habs.

Makes sense.

4. Gorton confirmed that there is a meeting today between the Habs and Ivan Demidov.

He said the young man “looks like a good kid” and speaks English very well.

5. We’ve known it for a while, but Jeff Gorton confirmed it (again): there won’t be a Habs buyout this summer.

Let’s forget it.

6. In closing, don’t expect Kent Hughes to be aggressive in going after “a big name” this summer on the free agent market.

Gorton told reporters on site that it may be a little “too soon” to do so…

Because the team isn’t yet ready to compete against the NHL’s top teams.

That sums up Gorton’s comments.

Right now, all that’s left to do is wait until tomorrow night… Even if the wait really is starting to feel interminable.

There’s not much left, as the saying goes!


– It was packed to see Gorton!

– Coming up.

– So much the better!

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