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Jake DeBrusk: interest from the Habs
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For years, it’s been understood that Jake DeBrusk’s future is not in Boston. He hasn’t left yet, but there have been rumors in recent years suggesting he’d be better off elsewhere.

And now, as a free agent, he’ll be in demand this summer.

Is this a guy who can change everything for a club? No. But the Albertan is still a player who can bring some interesting production to a team. #Between40and50Points

(Credit: Hockey DB)
The question is, which team will acquire his services?

In fact, because he’s only 27 years old, we can expect several teams to be in the running to try and sign him for the next few seasons.

But which teams?

Jimmy Murphy has named a few teams he’s heard are interested. The Montreal Canadiens are one of them.

That’s not to say the Alberta native isn’t talking to anyone else, of course.

For example, Murphy, in the comments to his tweet, said it wasn’t illogical to think the Calgary Flames might have interest in him.

The Oilers (he’s from Edmonton), the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens are all on the list. If Murphy is anything to go by, here’s one who’d better not say no to returning to the country if he wants to create a bidding war.

But the question is, does he want to play for a club like the Habs?

Will Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton find the right words to convince him to leave Boston for Montreal? Does he want to play under Martin St-Louis?

More importantly, would he accept a contract that makes sense for the Habs? #Reconstruction


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