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Cayden Lindstrom says he’s ready to play in the NHL next season
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Tomorrow night, we’ll finally have the chance to find out who will be selected by the Habs at No. 5 in the NHL Entry Draft.

Until then, things can still change for the various NHL clubs…

But ultimately, it’s decision time for everyone.

We’ve seen the scenarios over and over a million times.

That said, we do know that the possibility of Cayden Lindstrom being drafted by Kent Hughes and the Habs is real.

After all, even if the big guy needs no introduction, we know he has some interesting qualities for the Habs with his size and offensive talent.

Physically, he’s probably the most NHL-ready forward of the next crop… And that’s why, in his eyes, he’s ready to play in the big league next year.

He told Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) that he feels ready physically, but also mentally.

I seem to have my doubts about him playing in the NHL as early as next season, and there’s a simple reason for my uncertainty.

Lindstrom – who has been struggling with a major back injury in recent months – only played 32 games in the WHL last campaign… And since the start of his junior training camp, he doesn’t even have 100 games behind the tie (99).

Physically, he’s ready because he’s 6’3′ tall and weighs close to 215 pounds (213). But he lacks experience, and in the end, maybe that’s what’s going to weigh in the balance. A bit like we’ve seen with Logan Mailloux since he was selected in the first round in 2021.

We’ll see in due course. Especially if the Habs draft him.

It’s also worth noting that during his discussion with the TVA Sports journalist, Lindstrom (once again) shared his love for the Canadiens and the club’s fans.

And for what it’s worth, he sure sounds like a good kid.


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