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“Why don’t you like Canadian teams?” Gary Bettman refuses to answer
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Since Gary Bettman took office, only one Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup: the 1993 Canadiens. Bettman had been sitting in the commissioner’s chair for a few months.

Is this a coincidence? Everyone has their own answer.

He was the one who moved the Nordiques and Jets, and even though he reluctantly brought the Winnipeg club back, he always refused to do the same in Quebec City. Instead, he popularized hockey in the southern U.S… for better or worse. #Vegas #Phoenix

Whether you think Bettman makes good financial decisions or you think he doesn’t listen to real hockey fans, the fact remains that the commissioner lives, rightly or wrongly, with the reputation of the Canada-hater.

And on that subject, a fan recently asked him why he hates Canadian teams.

As can be seen in the following video, shared by Habs and NHL, an Oilers fan managed to get to the Commissioner, who was sitting at a table.

And when Bettman was asked the question, he didn’t turn around.

The commissioner chose not to answer, and it only took a few seconds before the guy filming was forced to look away. A man obviously tried to take away his cell phone.

In my opinion, Bettman didn’t react badly. He may have thought that there was no point in responding to this guy, and so chose not to give him too much attention.

However, you could tell me that Bettman could have answered something generic (something like: I like all NHL teams) and your answer would be just as valid.

You have to wonder whether he refuses to answer fans’ questions at all, or whether he would have answered another question if it had been less pointed at him. After all, it’s not the kind of question he should enjoy getting… especially when it’s not in a more official setting.


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