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Rocket: if Pascal Vincent wants the head coaching job, he’s a favorite
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You’ve probably heard the big news from Laval: Jean-François Houle is no longer the Rocket’s coach.

He has decided to coach at Clarkson University, where he studied. As Alain Usereau pointed out, he’s even better paid there than in the AHL.

One also has to wonder whether his relationship with Habs management has disintegrated, or whether this was just an impossible opportunity for him to turn down. These are the questions that arise.

But whatever the reasons for his departure, the consequence is this: the Rocket needs a head coach – and another assistant, as was already the case.

And the clock is ticking.

It’s logical to assume that the Canadiens will be thinking of Pascal Vincent. Freshly fired by the Blue Jackets, he’s a prime candidate.

We’ll have to make sure that whatever drove him out of Columbus isn’t an issue, but he’s got plenty of experience in the AHL… and if he wants the job, he’ll be a clear favorite for the Habs.

Pascal Vincent signed a two-year contract in Columbus, which means he’ll be paid next year by the Blue Jackets. He is therefore not obliged to sign a contract in the AHL.

But if he feels it’s the right thing to do for his career, he’ll surely consider it. After all, getting his feet wet in the Habs organization is quite something.

He won’t be the only candidate, of course. After all, there’s no shortage of competent candidates in Quebec. And on that subject, Anthony Marcotte named several other candidates who could be considered.

  • Stéphane Julien
  • Sylvain Favreau
  • Gilles Bouchard
  • Louis Robitaille
  • Éric Veilleux
  • Carl Mallette
  • Bruce Richardson
If the Habs had ever started thinking about replacing Houle, perhaps the candidates who had been discussed will come back into the picture. If not, it will be one more task to add to the list.

Because right now, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton must not be thinking about it. #Draft


– Contract in Columbus.

– He’s a patient guy.

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