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Joshua Roy aims for a regular position in the top 9 next season
Credit: Photo by Arianne Bergeron/NHLI via Getty Images

Without saying he was excellent, we can say that Joshua Roy had a good first NHL experience during the 2023-24 season. After a superb start to the season with the Rocket, he got his chance with the big club and didn’t disappoint.

Recalled by the Canadiens on January 12, he impressed with two points in six games before being sent back to Laval. On February 10, he was given a second chance with the Habs and did very well, totalising seven points in 17 games.

Roy was injured on March 19 and had to sit out the rest of the Tricolore season.

During his time in Montreal, he often played on the third line, doing very well for a first-time player.

Now that the ice is broken, Joshua Roy would like to carve out a permanent place for himself in the top 9 of the Montreal attack, starting next season.

That’s what he told Benoît Rioux of Le Journal de Montréal on Tuesday at the Fondation l’Originale golf tournament.

No pressure for Roy, but keep in mind that TSN’s Craig Button sees him as the Canadiens’ top prospect.

He has excellent potential and has already proven he’s capable of playing at the NHL level. All that’s left is for him to prove that he can stay fit for a full season and that he can, of course, keep up a good level of play for an entire campaign.

What seems to make him a quality forward in the NHL is that he’s not afraid to take shots on net. He fired at the opposing goalie at least once in each of his eight games during the month of March.

That led to a three-goal streak in four games in March.

Joshua Roy also appears to be interested in the Canadiens’ fifth overall pick in the upcoming draft. Like many Habs fans, the Quebecer would like to see his team get their hands on a forward.

He certainly won’t say no to a talented new teammate who could help him play even better!


– Unbelievable.

– Chicago needs help on defense.

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