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Mike Matheson on the difference between Kent Hughes as agent and GM
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As everyone knows, the current general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, was a player agent before joining the Tricolore.

He managed the careers of several professional hockey players, most of whom are still active today, especially in the National Hockey League.

A GM who used to be an agent clearly has his advantages in terms of industry connections.

Indeed, Kent Hughes now likes to seek out some of these former clients to add to the club he’s currently building in Montreal.

These are guys he knows well and trusts, so it makes sense that he’d try to acquire a few of them.

However, this doesn’t mean that Kent will deal with his players in the same way he did when he was an agent.

Indeed, there’s a big difference between the relationship between an agent and his player and between a general manager and his player.

And Mike Matheson, a former client acquired by Hughes via transaction, understands this.

Speaking to La Poche Bleue, the Habs defenseman explained that, since his arrival in Montreal, he quickly realized that his relationship with Kent Hughes would not be the same as the one he had with Hughes when he was his agent.

Matheson began by saying that communication wasn’t really there with general manager Kent Hughes.

In fact, the Habs’ number 8 doesn’t talk to Kent Hughes at all.

In fact, he barely speaks to him at all since he became GM.

This is normal, as Matheson explains, given that no player has much of a personal relationship with his GM.

But the fact remains that it’s been an adjustment for Matheson to go from Kent Hughes the agent to Kent Hughes the GM.

When it comes to contract negotiations, Matheson won’t negotiate WITH Hughes, but AGAINST Hughes, in order to get the best possible salary.

In short, it’s interesting to see from the inside that Hughes isn’t necessarily closer to his former clients than his other players.


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– A big test tonight for Montreal CF.

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