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Canadiens to consider Berkly Catton with 5th pick
Credit: Photo by Dale Preston/Getty Images

The only thing that’s certain is that, at the next draft, the Habs will have the opportunity to select a very talented player.

The Habs have the fifth pick in the draft, and at that position, there will be some excellent players available.

And for what it’s worth, several names have already been linked to the Montreal organization.

Among them are Ivan Demidov, Beckett Sennecke and Tij Iginla.

In fact, these are the names that come up most often when we talk about forwards.

But as he said openly last week,we seem toforget Berkly Catton’s name.

We know that the Habs would like to draft a forward even if the possibility of selecting a defenseman is there.

And ideally, we know that the Habs would like to bulk up.

But even if Catton isn’t the biggest at 5’11’ and 170 pounds, I think the club’s executives should consider him at No. 5.

Because players with undeniable talent like him often become very good at the next level:

The left-handed forward is exciting to watch and has the tools to bring the Bell Centre crowd to its feet night after night.

He reminds me a little of Patrick Kane.

We all agree, however, that by drafting Catton, Kent Hughes wouldn’t be achieving his goal of expanding his roster for the next few years.

That said, he would be adding natural talent to the Habs line-up…

And in the end, he may turn to another solution to grow his club.

This can be done via a transaction(Patrik Laine?) and it can also be done via the free agent market.

The difference is that offensive players are less easy to find in the NHL. Talented players aren’t always available, and when they are, there’s a huge price attached to a transaction (or signing).

Obviously, I’m not saying that the Habs should draft Catton at all costs.

But if Demidov is no longer available at No. 5 and they still want to select a forward, they should consider Berkly Catton.

After all, it’s hard to fault him when you look at his final season in junior:


– Honestly!

– Yikes… Unfortunately.

– He’s doing well.

– No surprise there.

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