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Alexander Ovechkin: a photo of his weight that has people talking
Credit: Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Alex Ovechkin has always been a player who came onto the ice with good size. He’s hard to pack on the ice, let’s face it.

When you look at it, the guy hasn’t missed many games in his career. He wasn’t injured very often and he was pretty productive. We all agree on that.

He knows his body and he’s always known how to maximize it.

However, in 2023-2024, he still hit a wall. He had some good moments, but his season was mostly punctuated by a barren spell in terms of goals scored.

He scored 31, but it took him a while to get going.

One might think that the man who wants to beat Wayne Gretzky’s record knows how to take care of his body after all these years, but one might also think that the man who likes to have a good time in the summer had a worse 23-24 season due to a lack of seriousness.

And the recent photo that appeared on social networks is somewhat in keeping with this spirit. We know it’s hard to judge his summer of training from a photo alone, since it doesn’t tell the whole story, but clearly, he looks… massive in it.

Several fans made jokes about his (broad) back on the heels of this photo. He’s not on the level of Dustin Byfuglien in 2012, but still.

The reason we’re bringing this up is because recently, comments have surfaced about him not liking to train during the summer.

It’s his job to train well, but hey.

It’s still early in the off-season and maybe he’ll step on the gas in July and August. However, the Capitals’ management is surely not happy to see that right now.


– One to watch.

– In a few years, it’s going to happen in MLB.

– Good question.

– Who will win?

– Notice to interested parties.

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