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Trevor Zegras: “Sometimes he forgets there’s a defensive zone”.
Credit: Photo by Ethan Cairns/Getty Images

For months and months now, Trevor Zegras’ name has been linked to that of the Montreal Canadiens.

Zegras and the Habs are easily linked…

And right now, he’s being talked about because the Habs are looking to get their hands on a talented player who can help the club produce offensively.

Zegras isn’t perfect (on the contrary) and we know there are gaps in his game.

For example?

We’re talking about an offensive guy because he has the qualities to outwit any NHL defense, but it’s difficult in his zone because he’s not always involved on the ice.

Maxime Comtois (Unrestricted podcast) talked about it, and he didn’t hesitate to say what he thinks about his former Anaheim teammate:

He’s going to make some points… Except that, the only thing is, he’s so offensive that he wants to leave too quickly. Sometimes, he forgets that there’s a defensive zone. – Maxime Comtois

Comtois explains that if Zegras ends up in Montreal, he’ll have to change his mentality.

And the Quebecer’s comments are relevant because he rubbed shoulders with him during his time with the Ducks.

Martin St-Louis and the coaching staff have brought a new morality to Montreal, and it’s not hard to understand.

If you push yourself to the limit and want to give it your all for the club, you’ll get ice time.

I’m thinking of Joel Armia here: the player didn’t have the right attitude, he was sent back to the AHL… And when he started playing for the Habs logo, he started taking on more responsibility.

And that’s when he started producing at the level of his talent.

Trevor Zegras is young (23) and has time to figure these things out.

On the other hand, would the Habs want to embark on such a project, even knowing that the player has talent coming out of both ears?

It would be a nice project, because the American has already proven himself…

But when you hear one of his former teammates speak ill of him in terms of his defensive involvement, it sounds worrying.

It bothers me, actually. And I’m sure I’m not the only one…


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