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Cayden Lindstrom: Boisvert wonders if his skills will translate to the NHL
Credit: Photo by Jonathan Kozub/Getty Images
Yesterday, the Processus podcast published the long-awaited final Snake list for the upcoming draft.

Basically, we’re talking about a list (not a mock draft) that puts forward the finest talents in the upcoming draft. Because yes, Simon The Snake Boisvert makes his lists primarily on the basis of talent.

Here’s how it looks.

We know that the popular Anton Silayev is 24th on Simon Boisvert’s list, since his offensive ceiling isn’t the highest. This gives you an idea of how he thinks.

But the fact remains that the guy watches a lot of hockey, especially various NHL prospects, and knows how to evaluate pure talent. That’s one of his strengths.

And that brings us to Cayden Lindstrom.

The Snake has Lindstrom at ninth in his rankings, which is a bit lower than what we see elsewhere. But in his eyes, there’s one thing to consider.

Is the Snake saying he’s a bad player? No: he still has him ninth on his list.

But he’s having trouble predicting how many points he’ll score in the NHL because of the marching orders between the NHL and the WHL. And you’d think his injury history would come into play, too.

That’s different from what we usually hear in Lindstrom’s case, but it’s an important nuance.

Boisvert points out, however, that it all depends on what’s needed. If the Habs want to put him on a line with Kirby Dach and Juraj Slafkovsky, for example… that would be a nasty puck-protection trio.

Because yes, both Simon Boisvert and Mathias Brunet see Lindstrom on the wing.

Both men think there’s a good chance the Habs will draft the WHL product. Obviously, this will depend on the picks beforehand, but… #IvanDemidov


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