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Including Caufield in a deal for Necas: “I’m doing it,” says Antoine Roussel
Credit: Photo by Vitor Munhoz/NHLI via Getty Images

The Canadiens love Martin Necas; we’ve known it for a few weeks.

The problem is that the Carolina Hurricanes want a talented player in return for the right-hander.

In other words, the Canes aren’t interested in receiving picks or “project prospects” because they want to win now.

It will cost a lot to get Necas out of Carolina, and maybe that’s why it will put the brakes on Kent Hughes’ ardour.

The Habs GM has what it takes to make a big offer… But does he want to trade a young player who is already established to acquire an offensive player like Necas?

The idea would be simple if Antoine Roussel were in Kent Hughes’ shoes.

The former player would be willing to give (a lot) to make the deal happen…

And if, for example, Eric Tulsky (GM) is interested in a guy like Cole Caufield, Roussel – as he stated on the Exit the Zone podcast – would include him in the deal :

I don’t want to make headlines by saying I want to trade him, but if it’s for one for one or a little bit more and you have to give Caufield to acquire Martin Necas, I’ll do it. – Antoine Roussel

Cole Caufield is a good hockey player.

He excels in certain areas, and the Canadiens have offered him a big contract because he scores goals.

But has the American proven, yet, that he’s truly untouchable for Kent Hughes?

The answer to that question is no. At least not in my eyes.

After all, we’re talking about a one-dimensional striker.

If he doesn’t produce offensively, he doesn’t have as much impact on the ice, because his size means he can easily be pushed around.

At $7.85 million a season, that’s expensive for a guy of that calibre… And that’s the reality of things.

That said, being Kent Hughes, I wouldn’t trade Caufield for peanuts.

On the other hand, if an opportunity like this presents itself, it’s a good idea to think about it, because offensive (and complete) players like Necas don’t come around very often.

I tend to agree with Antoine Roussel, even if Caufield is one of Montreal’s fan-favorite players.

How about you?


– Nice names, though.

– Blake Coleman takes advantage.

– Huh!

– He’s on form.

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