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Frank Seravalli insists: It’s the end for Mitch Marner in Toronto
Credit: Photo by Rich Graessle/NHLI via Getty Images
Where will Mitch Marner play in the 24-25 season?

Will he start the season in a Leafs uniform, or will we see him sporting a different jersey for the first time in his NHL career?

These are pertinent questions, and they’ve been coming up a lot lately.

Frank Seravalli is one of those who believes that the player’s future does not lie in the Queen City.

The Informer (Daily Faceoff) recently wondered if a Marner vs. Seth Jones trade could happen… And speaking of the forward on the DFO Rundown podcast, Seravalli continued to say that it looks like the end for him in Toronto.

I think the Leafs are going to put him in a corner over the next three weeks and say, “Mitch, it’s been great, but we’re moving on.” – Frank Seravalli

Listening to him talk, Seravalli really sounds like a guy who’s sure of his shot :

Mitch Marner is the ideal candidate to trade to Toronto.

The reason is simple: William Nylander and Auston Matthews won’t budge after signing long-term contracts in the final year.

Some say John Tavares is the problem…

But the point is that the Leafs’ captain is worth far less than Marner, and Brad Treliving needs to maximize his assets.

That can be done by trading Marner, not Tavares.

Basically, Tavares is older, he seems to be starting to slow down(only 65 points in 80 games last year) and he’s got the label of a guy who doesn’t always show up in the important moments.

I wonder if Brad Treliving has had any conversations with other teams about Mitch Marner’s availability.

The draft is coming up, after all… And I think the Leafs’ GM might want to “fix his problem” before the free agent market opens.

That would help him line up for what’s next, at least.

In gusts

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