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Cole Eiserman had dinner with the Canadiens last week
Credit: Photo by Michael Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Cole Eiserman is a polarizing name for the upcoming draft. After all, as talented as he is, he doesn’t seem to have the best attitude in the world. Let’s put it this way.

Several weeks ago, Mathias Brunet and Tony Marinaro reported that the Canadiens weren’t going to draft Eiserman. Even though he’s a big scorer, he’s not the most complete player on the ice.

Attitude and versatility on the ice: these are aspects that are obviously important to the Habs.

But the fact remains that last week’s combine isn’t just about talking to 3-4 guys. It’s about getting to know the young men who will make up tomorrow’s NHL.

The Habs interview a lot of guys to get to know them. Getting to know them doesn’t hurt.

According to Marc Antoine Godin (Radio-Canada) in a story on the draft, the Habs not only talked to Eiserman, they invited him to dinner in Buffalo.

Cayden Lindstrom, Tij Iginla and Sam Dickinson are the others known to have dined with the Habs.

Warning: this doesn’t mean the Habs will draft Eiserman. He shouldn’t be picked at #5, and it’s possible that the Habs won’t get a chance to take him at #26.

Maybe he didn’t like what he heard about the kid.

But he’s the perfect candidate to bring to dinner. After all, there’s no questioning his talent as a scorer, but they probably wanted to learn more about his way of thinking.

The dinner lends itself perfectly to this for a young man who is quite talented. His highlights leave no doubt.


– Interesting.

– Logical.

– He’s right, though.

– To be continued.

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