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Trevor Zegras file: the Ottawa Senators have shown interest
Credit: Photo by Ethan Cairns/Getty Images
For over a year now, one of the most talked-about issues in the entire National Hockey League has been that of Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras.

Indeed, ever since the laborious contract negotiations between the two parties last summer, it seems that something has been broken for Zegras with the Ducks.

Since then, we’ve been hearing the talented forward’s name more and more in trade rumors.

It’s not every day that a team listens to offers for a 23-year-old player as talented as Zegras.

It begs the question: why would the Ducks want to trade Zegras?

Obviously, several teams have made inquiries and are taking the time to discuss Zegras’ availability with the Ducks and what it would take to acquire him.

The Montreal Canadiens are one of the teams that have been on the case for some time now, but Pierre LeBrun simply doesn’t see the Habs pushing hard to acquire Zegras, even though Kent Hughes is said to have contacted the Ducks again recently.

The Habs’ GM surely won’t want to part with David Reinbacher or Kaiden Guhle.

In short, while the Tricolore is more or less on the case, other teams are also very interested.

At last count, one of these is the Ottawa Senators.

Several sources have told The Fourth Period that the Senators are part of a group of four teams interested in Zegras.

This group includes the Habs, Sens, Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers.

In the case of the Senators, it’s an interest we didn’t see coming.

Considering that the Sens already have several talented young players who lack a certain physicality and intensity, Zegras would only add to Ottawa’s ongoing problem.

The Hockey News themselves have stated that the Sens wouldn’t gain much by acquiring Zegras.

On the other hand, if Anaheim is willing to receive some softer players in return for Zegras, then perhaps discussions could get livelier.

In short, the Sens’ new general manager, Steve Staios, is asking around the NHL, so he could very well be looking to make a big splash with Zegras, for example.

He could very well decide to be aggressive in order to finally put an end to this interminable rebuild in Ottawa, and that could go through Zegras, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

Adding talent and goals could be a solution for the Sens.

In short, all this remains to be seen in a file that could persist for some time yet.

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