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The pitfalls of a Kirby Dach deal for the Canadiens
Credit: Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images
Can the Habs pull off a Kirby Dach-style deal this summer?

We all agree that this is one of the big off-season questions for the Habs. What to do with the #5 pick in the next draft is also a hot topic… and in both cases, it comes down to adding a big talent to the club.

But could it be difficult to do? Possibly, yes. But consider this:

1. What you need to know is that prices are high, and competition will mean that prices could rise even faster if they are outbid at some point.

Case in point? The Buffalo Sabres.

According to Elliotte Friedman, the Buffalo Sabres would be willing to let their #11 pick go if they could get their hands on a top-6 forward in return. That’s a nice addition to the market.

With the Devils’ #10 pick available (possibly for a goalie, but who knows), those are two items the Habs don’t have to offer. Because no, I don’t see Kent Hughes trading his #5 pick.

Obviously, Kent Hughes has defensemen to trade. But would a team with a top-6 forward to trade prefer a #10 or #11 pick over a current Habs defenseman?

It depends on each club’s evaluation.

2. The teams’ actual prices will be high to get the Trevor Zegras and Martin Necas of this world off their current teams. The guys won’t be cheap.

For example?

We know that in the case of Zegras, it would take guys like David Reinbacher or Kaiden Guhle to start the discussion. Are these the players Kent Hughes wants to give away? Don’t think so.

And in Carolina, in return for Necas, Friedman talked about getting “starpower” in return for the European forward’s services. The Habs don’t have any starpower to give away right now.

These two factors will make it difficult for the Habs to move. The targets (which are more numerous than Necas and Zegras) are attractive to many clubs.

But Kent Hughes managed to get Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook, and he could do it again. Eric Engels believes he can.

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