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The Canadiens had dinner with Tij Iginla last night
Credit: Photo by Dale Preston/Getty Images
The draft is fast approaching.

In three weeks, we’ll finally know the identity of the player who will be selected by the Habs at No. 5.

That’s if the Habs decide to draft with their pick… But it sounds like it would be surprising to see Kent Hughes trade him, even if he’s open to the idea.

It’s almost impossible to predict the Habs’ pick, because everything will depend on the names that emerge between ranks 2 and 4.

Montreal management wants to prioritize a forward, but it could be complicated if the Hawks, Ducks and Blue Jackets go that way too.

What we do know is that the club had dinner with Cayden Lindstrom. In a way, this means “nothing”, but it does show that they wanted to learn more about him.

But Lindstrom isn’t alone: Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) shared a tweet in which we read that the Habs also went to dinner with Tij Iginla:

We know that Tij Iginla’s name has been linked to that of the Tricolore in recent weeks.

It’s no surprise, then, to learn that the two clans had dinner together last night.

Jarome’s son, who prefers to play center, told TVA Sports that he could see himself playing with Slafkovsky or Cole Caufield.

He knows what he wants, at least:

For now, we know that the Habs have eaten with Tij Iginla and Cayden Lindstrom.

We also know that the Habs haven’t eaten with Beckett Sennecke or Zayne Parekh.

But then again, that doesn’t mean they’re not on management’s radar.

For example, Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher didn’t have dinner with the Habs… And they’re now part of the Montreal organization.

You have to take some and leave some, but it’s still interesting.

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