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Jake Guentzel in Chicago: Elliotte Friedman’s theory
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images
Things are complicated in Carolina right now.

Martin Necas’ name has been the subject of several rumours over the past few weeks, and now there’s increasing talk of the possibility of Jake Guentzel leaving as well.

Guentzel was acquired from the Penguins at the last NHL trade deadline.

Elliotte Friedman has revealed a piece of information that could be very interesting for some teams: Guentzel, who will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1, would be available.

The source talks of a mid-round pick as the price to acquire his rights.

Will any club be interested?

Discussing the Guentzel file with Jeff Marek, Friedman shared one of his theories.

He believes there’s a real possibility of the Blackhawks trying to acquire the sniper, and taking a step back, it does make sense.

After all, Guentzel grew up not far from Chicago, the Hawks have all the space they need to offer him a big contract… And the acquisition would be perfect to surround Connor Bedard in the best possible way.

The club is rebuilding, but adding an offensive player like Guentzel to the roster would do a world of good :

(Credit: Daily Faceoff)
Kyle Davidson (GM) will have over $30 million to spend this summer.

He’ll have a chance to have some fun, in other words, and that’s why the idea of Guentzel ending up in the Windy City may make (a lot of) sense.

There’s one thing I wonder, though.

Would Jake Guentzel be interested in playing for a rebuilding club?

Perhaps, given that he’s already won the Stanley Cup twice with the Pittsburgh Penguins…

But in my opinion, the question is definitely worth asking.

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