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Trevor Zegras: the Habs aren’t ready to pay the price, says Pierre LeBrun
Credit: Photo by Ethan Cairns/Getty Images
This summer, we know that the Canadiens want to improve their attack. The good news is that Martin Necas and Trevor Zegras, two forwards likely to be traded in the coming weeks, are on the market.

The Habs have a need, and there are solutions.

Earlier today, however, Elliotte Friedman threw cold water on hopes that Necas would end up in Montreal. He didn’t say it was impossible… but he did say that the Habs probably don’t have what the Hurricanes are looking for.

So it seems rather unlikely that Necas will come to town, but the good news is that Zegras remained an option…

Or maybe not.

According to Pierre LeBrun, the Habs aren’t prepared to pay the Ducks’ asking price for Zegras. We don’t know what that price is… but we do know that Kent Hughes isn’t willing to pay it.

Obviously, there’s still a world in which Pat Verbeek’s asking price will eventually come down. That said, the Habs aren’t the only team that will be eyeing Zegras, and it’s safe to assume that a bidding war is likely to ensue.

It seems more likely that the price will go up than the other way around.

Again, like Necas, this doesn’t mean that Zegras won’t definitely come to Montreal… but let’s just say that the chances of either of these two guys landing in town have just taken a beating in the last few hours.

We’ll see if Kent Hughes is able to negotiate something with the Ducks or the Hurricanes, but it’s looking more and more like the team’s big offensive upgrade this summer could come in the form of a player drafted fifth overall.

Unless another forward becomes available, of course.

In bursts

– That’s right.

– There’s some talent in this group.


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