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Beckett Sennecke’s name is increasingly popular in Montreal
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images

If the Habs aren’t lucky enough to draft Ivan Demidov, you have to wonder who Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, Nick Bobrov and Martin Lapointe will be drafting at #5.

It’s bound to be a forward, and let’s just say that Cayden Lindstrom has a good chance, if he’s available, of making his way to Montreal. But what if he’s not available by then?

In today’s mock draft, Corey Pronman said that if Demidov isn’t available, the debate will surely revolve around Lindstrom, Beckett Sennecke and Tij Iginla.

It’s interesting because in reality, you have to wonder what the point is of going after a “lesser” forward when big defensemen will still be available.

But I’m regressing here.

Sennecke’s name is coming up more and more often, as his combination of “size” and on-ice talent makes many people dream. The winger would fit in with what the Habs are looking for in terms of attacking talent.

And he’s getting more and more buzz in Montreal, where it wouldn’t be impossible to see him make it to the draft.

Also on The Athletic, Pronman predicts that for pick #26, the Habs could get their hands on Julius Miettinen, a center who plays with Everett.

He’s a 6’3 center who was point per game in the WHL last year.

So basically, the Habs’ plan seems to be this: take the best available forward (regardless of position… as long as he’s not short) with pick #5 and go for a big center with pick #26.

Of course, to do this, the pick must not be traded.

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