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Mike Matheson vs. the 10th pick: Mathias Brunet thinks it’s a good idea.
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It’s rare to see this in the NHL, but Tom Fitzgerald has revealed his plan for the upcoming draft.

The Devils’ GM makes no secret of it: he’s open to the idea of trading his 10th pick for immediate help.

The club has disappointed this season in New Jersey, and we want to do everything we can there to be competitive in the next campaign.

It makes sense, because the Devils already have a core that can put them among the top teams in the National League.

Jack Hughes, Nico Hischier, Timo Meier, Jesper Bratt, Dawson Mercer, Simon Nemec, Luke Hughes, Dougie Hamilton… They’re equipped to go to war, let’s put it that way.

And if Fitzgerald is able to improve the lineup this summer, the team could be quite dangerous next year.

But even if the Devils’ problem was in front of the net last season, Mathias Brunet still shared an idea in his BPM Sports column of the day.

Mike Matheson, for the 10th overall pick… Would you consider it, if you’re Kent Hughes?

Mathias Brunet seems interested in making a deal like this:

If they (Devils) offer you the 10th, yes. I think I’m leaning towards that, yes. – Mathias Brunet

The journalist explains that it’s a good idea because Matheson is performing beyond expectations and the Habs can take advantage of this to maximize the defenseman’s value.

That said, we know how important the Quebecer is to the Habs:

With the 5th and 10th picks, Kent Hughes would have the chance to get his hands on a quality forward AND defenseman for the future.

At that level, it’s interesting.

On the other hand, trading a guy like Matheson can come with risks, too. There are two questions I have, mainly:

  • If Matheson leaves, can it (really) help the Habs rebuild?
  • If Matheson leaves, can the Habs really start the season with three young (and almost inexperienced) defensemen on the left side?

Tom Fitzgerald will be aggressive at the draft (if he hasn’t traded his pick first) and Kent Hughes should call him for information.

I’m just throwing the idea out there, but you can’t rule out the fact that a three-team deal is also possible.

Let’s say the Habs get the 10th pick, a club gets Matheson and the Devils are able to get their hands on a goalie in a big deal… Maybe, ultimately, it could make everyone happy.

But at the risk of repeating myself: I don’t see the Habs trading Mike Matheson because he’s too valuable in Montreal.

And in my eyes, a 10th overall pick isn’t enough, because we’re not talking about a sure thing, even if the club’s scouts have been making good choices over the past two years.

In bursts

– He’s one of a kind.

– With the injuries, it wouldn’t be surprising.


– It’s the right mindset.

– Really?

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