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Demidov’s intentions are clear: he wants to play in the NHL from 2025-2026.
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Barring a reversal of fortune, Ivan Demidov will be drafted in the top five at the upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

He is seen by many as the 2nd best forward in the next draft, behind Macklin Celebrini…

And that’s why the Russian’s absence is the talk of the NHL combine, which is currently taking place in Buffalo.

We know that Demidov is recovering from a knee injury, but his agent confided that the young man is currently in Miami undergoing a rehabilitation program.

Demidov’s goal: to be at 100% before the start of next season. I imagine the player’s clan didn’t want to risk anything by going to the combine for physical tests, but one wonders if he could still have been there to complete interviews with various clubs.


This information is found in a text by Kevin Dubé (Journal de Québec). But in the journalist’s text, we also read that Demidov’s intentions are quite clear for the next few years.

The player would like to play in the NHL as soon as his contract in Russia expires:

According to what we were able to learn while strolling through the lobby of the chic hotel where the NHL’s elite are gathered this week, the Demidov clan assures us that the young Russian’s plan is to make the leap to North America at the end of his contract in Russia. – Kevin Dubé

The youngster knows what he wants:

Demidov’s agreement with SKA St. Petersburg expires in the summer of 2025…

So, if all goes well, the player could join the organization that will draft him for the 2025-2026 season.

This is different from the Matvei Michkov situation, we agree.

And the fact that it’s so clear, I think it will help him get out very quickly in the next draft.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any concern about Demidov, and that’s what slowed down the GMs last year when they drafted Michkov.

After all, the Michkov file seemed so complicated because no one was saying the same thing a year ago.

It seems like night and day when you compare the two cases… And that’s all to the good.

At least I feel it adds a certain value to Demidov’s résumé, because there’s no uncertainty about him.

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