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Martin Necas, a player who “has the dog in the tab*****”
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images
Martin Necas is an interesting player for the Canadiens.

We’ve been talking about him for the right reasons for a few weeks now, and positive comments about him have been pouring in.

And the fact that his name has been linked several times with that of the Habs has fans excited at the prospect of seeing him in a Habs uniform in the coming years.

Nicolas Cloutier tried to find out more about the young player, and to do so, he spoke to one of his former teammates in the Czech Republic, Alexandre Mallett.

What stands out most in the TVA Sports journalist’s text?

Martin Necas has an exemplary attitude… And he stands out for his fierceness on the ice:

“You’re playing against 35-year-old men, est*. He’d come in, the puck was in the corner and wham! he’d get smashed and he’d get up again. You’re thinking, ‘C****! The kid had a dog in tab***** the same!”” – Alexandre Malett

That’s saying a lot, especially considering the words come from a guy Necas played with before reaching the NHL :

This is an important aspect for a hockey player, and it seems to be even more so in Montreal.

In fact, we know that the new management likes players with such character…

Because not everyone can deal with the pressure of playing in a market like this.

Necas’ file is progressing rapidly in Carolina and he could be traded this week, according to Frank Seravalli yesterday.

The Daily Faceoff tipster, who was on the Flames Nation podcast yesterday, also said that the Canucks, Flames and Blue Jackets are on the lookout for him…

But he didn’t name the Canadiens.

This doesn’t mean that Kent Hughes isn’t involved in the matter, but it does mean that things could soon be moving in the right direction.

At least, we seem to be close to a solution.

In a gaggle

– Congratulations!

– It’s a shame in a way.

– What’s your choice?

– Good deal.

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