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Nordiques: François Legault wants Quebecor to make a “real offer” to the NHL
Credit: Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

This morning, Premier François Legault was interviewed by Paul Arcand on 98.5 FM.

A number of issues were discussed, including the potential return of the Nordiques to Quebec City.

And you guessed it, François Legault was (once again) pushing to move the issue forward.

The Premier said he’s aware that today, the cost of an NHL franchise is enormous.

That said, Mr. Legault would like to see the Quebecor group team up with allies to make a “real” offer to the NHL…

Because in his eyes, if it can happen, Gary Bettman will take the time to think about bringing a club back to Quebec City :

I know Pierre Karl Péladeau doesn’t have the money to put up the full amount. We’re talking about more than a billion, but now it’s time for him to team up with other people and come up with a real offer.

I think Mr. Bettman, if he has a real offer on the table, will consider it. – François Legault

You have to wonder who would want to partner with Pierre-Karl Péladeau in such a project, because in the end, it’s a lot of money that would be invested (a billion or more)…

After all, it’s expensive, and you have to find investors with deep enough pockets.

But ultimately, we have to ask ourselves whether François Legault’s proposal is legitimate, because we know that Gary Bettman wants nothing to do with PKP .

The subject will never die, and François Legault will continue to sell dreams to Quebecers.

The Premier has said that bringing the Kings to Quebec City will help the province’s visibility because it’s “another showcase for Quebec in the National League”, but that’s not how Gary Bettman is going to fall for the idea of bringing a club there.

There has to be a big (monetary) offer on the commissioner’s table, and that’s the problem.

Because without money and a serious investor… It’ll never work.

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