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Canadiens: draft priority, not transactions, says David Pagnotta
Credit: Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Since the start of the Habs’ off-season, two topics have been the focus of attention: the draft and potential trades.

Which topic is bigger? After all, there’s a lot of talk about the draft, especially the #5 pick. And transactions involve a bit of everyone, including some draft picks.

So it’s hard to say that we’re talking more about one subject than another, since the two are linked by necessity.

However, in a text published this morning on The Fourth Period, David Pagnotta stated that, according to what’s emanating from Montreal, the Habs are currently prioritizing the draft over transactions.

That’s what the journalist said in a piece on current rumours.

Does this mean that Habs management isn’t evaluating the possibility of making a move in the next few weeks? Not necessarily, no.

But if what Pagnotta says is true, it would mean that the head is simply more on the draft than anything else.

That’s odd, because it flies in the face of everything that’s been said for weeks. After all, Hughes is on the phone with his counterparts… but wouldn’t that be to prioritize a trade?

Does the GM feel that the best way to add talent at center would be with his #26 pick? Does not having his second-round pick mean that, unlike last year, the Habs want to draft more than once in the top-50 of the draft?

These are the questions that arise. Even so, Pagnotta opens the door to a trade for pick #26.

Still, I get the impression that the GM is looking at trades pretty seriously right now. After all, he’s been around hockey long enough to know that the draft is where the action is… and I don’t see him missing the boat.

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