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Lane Hutson’s older brother to attend Maple Leafs development camp
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At last year’s draft, the Canadiens selected Florian Xhekaj. It’s rare for a fourth-round pick to catch the eye, but it obviously caused a stir in Montreal, given that he’s Arber’s younger brother.

We’ve basically reunited the family.

That said, Florian isn’t the only brother of a Habs player in the world of professional hockey. Ryan Suzuki has been with the Hurricanes for several years, and Morgan Barron is with the Jets.

On the other hand, a few years ago, Brock Caufield, Cole’s older brother, joined the Maple Leafs. Of course, nobody blamed the kid, but it was funny to see him join the Canadiens’ rival.

He spent the year in the ECHL (then the AHL when the Growlers folded).

Now, it seems that the Leafs have taken a liking to “stealing” the brothers of Habs players, as according to Grant McCagg (and confirmed by Cole Hutson, Lane’s younger brother) at the Recrutes Draftcast, Quinn Hutson (the older brother of both) will be at the Maple Leafs’ development camp.

You need to know that Quinn Hutson isn’t as promising a prospect as his two younger brothers. At 22, the forward doesn’t necessarily seem destined for the NHL, even though he scored 36 points in 40 games at Boston University (with Lane) in the NCAA last year.

That said, he could potentially become a good player in the AHL, which isn’t a bad thing either.

However, one wonders whether, after “stealing” Quinn, the Maple Leafs might be tempted to “steal” Cole Hutson at the next draft. The defenseman, whose style is not far from Lane’s, is expected to go somewhere between the end of the first round and the beginning of the second.

He’s a potential target for the Habs at No. 26 (if that pick isn’t traded)… but the Leafs could take the wind out of the sails of his rival by selecting him with their own first-round pick, the 23rd of the auction. And if the Habs don’t select him 26th, he’ll almost certainly be gone by the next round, scheduled for 57th (Avalanche pick acquired in return for Artturi Lehkonen). Remember that the Habs don’t have their own second-round pick, who was traded to the Coyotes for Christian Dvorak (and now belongs to the Jets).

It’s worth noting that during this interview, Cole stated that he’s nearly 5 feet 11 inches tall, but that we won’t be seeing him test at the Combine as he’s still recovering from a minor injury.

So we’ll have to keep an eye on him, but after Brock Caufield, the Leafs are looking at the Hutson family. We can’t wait to see if we get two of them…

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