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“The only breath of fresh air P.K. Subban brought was when he left for Nashville” – Stéphane Waite
Credit: Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Even though he’s retired from field hockey, P.K. Subban continues to attract attention. The former Canadiens defenseman has always loved that attention, and in 2024, he’s even more so in the media.

A month ago,he talked about his penis on live TV. And on X (formerly Twitter), he posts quite frequently to give his opinion on various subjects.

Canadiens fans loved this P.K., and when he left for Nashville, it was a sad departure. Danick Martineau is one of those who loved Subban. I’ll include myself in that, too.

If he was loved externally, that’s a little less the case internally. On 98.5 Sports a few days ago, Stéphane Waite and Pierre Gervais gave their opinions on the flamboyant defenseman.

And it’s not necessarily positive…

Our colleagues at Fan de Hockey actually covered the news last Tuesday.

During the Ça sent la coupe segment , Martineau confessed his immense love for the right-hander. The young comedian said he was a breath of fresh air. That’s where Waite came in. The former goalkeeping coach had this to say:

The only breath of fresh air he brought was when he left for Nashville. – Stéphane Waite.

Yikes… He wasn’t in his good graces, anyway.

This statement got a good laugh in the studio. Pierre Gervais, about whom we’ve learned a lot in recent years through his books, doesn’t officially second Waite’s claims, but “he’s not far off”. Gervais added that, after two or three months, the other players in the dressing room were no longer capable of handling Subban.

When he left for the country town, Shea Weber, a much more focused guy, showed up. It must have been different.

It’s also worth remembering that the Torontonian caused quite a stir when he forgot fans who just wanted a photo with their hero. David St-Germain, a former employee of the organization, shared this information on the Stanley 25 podcast.

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