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Time to give Tomas Plekanec (and the Czech Republic) some big love!
Credit: Photo by RvS.Media/Robert Hradil/Getty Images

On this Sunday evening, the end of the weekend (and of the World Championship), I’d like to give some big love to the Czechs.

Earlier in the day, they surprised everyone and won the gold medal.

2-0 victory over Switzerland.

There’s no doubt about it: the Czech Republic is a hockey country, and in recent years, it’s proved it!

In fact, David Pastrnak has issued a heartfelt shout-out to the NHL. He thinks he and his country deserve an invitation to the Four Nations Tournament.

Let’s remember that the Bruins winger said he wanted to boycott this tournament, as his country wasn’t invited.

I wrote about it HERE.

Apart from the fact that the Czech Republic are the world champions, the fans deserved this medal.

They were there all tournament long, and they eat hockey.

They do deserve everything they get.

Another who deserves this medal is Tomas Plekanec. As a player and captain, he always fought for his nation. Unfortunately, he never finished at the top of the podium.

But in his first year as a coach, the former Canadian is a world champion.

I’m always happy to see a former member of the Canadiens (so beloved by fans) doing well on the international stage.

Anyway. Maybe with this competition, the European country is officially on the map. And maybe future “four-nation” tournaments will be played with more than just “four nations”.

Once again, congratulations to the players, coaches and people of the Czech Republic. You deserve this golden medal.

In gusto

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