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Matvei Michkov in Philadelphia: he liked a publication about it
Credit: Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In recent days, we’ve been hearing more and more about the possibility of Matvei Michkov playing in Philadelphia as early as 2024-2025. As we all know, he still has two years left on his contract in Russia.

Will it happen? Who knows.

But right now, everything is a clue. Seeing him working out in a KHL team T-shirt (even if you don’t know how old the pictures are) gets attention. Seeing his coach in nothingness is also considered a clue.

But the biggest clue of all comes from the man himself.

As reported by Habsolument Fan, the Russian liked a post on Instagram that said the player should continue his career in Philadelphia as early as next season.

Obviously, you understand that this is a complex issue. Negotiations must be intense to see if the young man could, as of now, land in the NHL.

And if I’m to believe whatElliotte Friedman said in his podcast this morning, the Russian’s like certainly can’t help his cause.

Please note: Friedman didn’t talk about the player’s gesture per se. What he did say, however, was that there was a lot going on in the file, and that it’s always more complicated when it becomes public.

Ideally, everything would be settled in the shadows. It’s hard enough when you’re talking about a polarizing hopeful like him, but now the main interested party has added a layer of public attention to the issue.

Does this mean he’s not coming? Not necessarily, no. But it’s clear that it would have helped to keep a lid on an issue that’s anything but straightforward.

To be continued.

In a row

– Will they still be on the right side of history? Will Zach Hyman be on the wrong side of history again?

– Makes sense.

– He threw the ball to the youngster.

– For the love of hockey.

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