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Series preview: Panthers and Stars advance to semi-finals
Credit: Photo by Tyler Schank/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images
Last night in the National Hockey League, we were treated to two games #6 in two distinct series.

Two teams were on the brink of elimination, while the other two could go on to the conference finals – or the Stanley Cup semi-finals, if you prefer.

Here, then, is an account of these two very close games.

Panthers send Bruins on vacation with heartbreaking goal

The Bruins surprised many by winning Game 5 in Florida, as many were expecting the Panthers to end the series at home.

With this victory, the Bruins had the chance to level the series at home last night in front of their fans.

For the occasion, Brad Marchand was back in action, as his mother told us yesterday afternoon.

It started well for the Bruins, as Pavel Zacha scored his first goal of the series to give the Bruins the lead late in the first period.

However, the Panthers tied the game midway through the second period through Anton Lundell.

And just when it looked like we were heading straight for overtime, Gustav Forlsing crushed the Boston Bruins’ hopes with the winning goal with just over a minute left in the game.

The Panthers were clearly unaffected by the fire alarm that broke out at their hotel while they were napping.

You could say that the Bruins suffered karma.

In short, the Panthers have a date with the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

It promises to be quite a series between two teams who have won their division.

The first game of the series takes place on Wednesday, May 22 at 8 p.m. in New York.

The Panthers win the series 4-2.

Stars eliminate the Avalanche (twice?) and advance to the semi-finals

In another game #6, this one in the West, we were also treated to a very tight duel.

Indeed, the game ended with a one-goal margin, as both teams went into overtime.

As with the Bruins, it was the Avalanche who opened the scoring. Mikko Rantanen fired a superb shot into the top corner on the power play.

However, the Stars tied the game early in the third period thanks to a superb goal from Jamie Benn.

And unlike the Bruins vs Panthers game, we headed into overtime.

And in overtime, well, the Stars won the game twice.

How did they win?

Well, Mason Marchment appeared to give the Stars the win midway through the first overtime period, but the referees directly called the goal off for goaltender interference.

However, on the restart, it’s clear that it’s a very light contact between Alexandar Georgiev and the Stars player and that he’s occuring outside the blue paint.

In short, I sincerely believe that this goal is good if not the winning goal of an overtime series.

I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Imagine if the Avalanche had ended up winning the game afterwards…

Fortunately for the league’s credibility and for the Stars, Matt Duchene gave the Stars the win (for good), this time in the second overtime period.

The Stars advance to the Conference Final and await the winner of the series between the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers.

The Stars win the series 4-2.


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