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Alex Galchenyuk released by his KHL team
Credit: Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Are we talking about Alex Galchenyuk?

The former Montreal Canadien was supposed to play in the NHL with the Coyotes this season… but like the franchise, too many bad decisions have meant that both are currently inactive in the NHL.

And in both cases, their potential comeback is questionable.

All this to say that Chucky signed a two-year contract with SKA St. Petersburg last summer. He played a full season in 2023-2024, appearing in 61 games in his Russian debut.

The result? 16 goals and 26 assists, for a total of 42 points.

But obviously, there must have been something the team wasn’t happy about, and instead opted to release him from his second-year contract. Andrew Zadarnowski reports on X.

He’s now in Eastern Russia on the terms of a one-year contract with the Khabarovsk Amur.

Clearly, one has to wonder why Chucky, who clearly had no bad stats in Russia, was released from his club. Was it simply a question of money?

Did he do something that deserved such a consequence? Knowing his past, it’s an obvious question.

By playing for another team, we can assume that Galchenyuk will be entitled to a little more playing time. However, he’ll have to earn it, since nothing will be given to him just like that.

Note that the last time the former Habs player played two seasons in a row with the same team was in 2017-2018, when he was in his sixth straight season with the Habs.

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