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Slap in McDavid’s face: Carson Soucy suspended for one game
Credit: Photo by Paul Swanson/NHLI via Getty Images
Last night, at the end of the Oilers vs Canucks game, things got a little choppy.

Quite a bit, in fact.

The most memorable moment was Carson Soucy’s stick to Connor McDavid’s face.

The Canucks defenseman took advantage of a scrum behind the net to deliver a violent cross-check to the Oilers captain’s face.

The result?

Soucy has been suspended for one game by the NationalHockey League… And the whole thing is generating a lot of chatter on various social platforms.

On the one hand, many believe the suspension isn’t long enough…

And on the other, many are wondering whether the NHL would crack down if the opposite had happened on the ice.

Because we all agree on one thing: McDavid is the face of the league and the NHL makes a lot of money in the playoffs.

Without saying that Soucy is a no-name… Let’s just say that McDavid has more impact than he does on the ice, and in terms of NHL revenues.

The hit in question deserved to be punished, that said:

Soucy will therefore miss the next game, which will be presented in Edmonton tomorrow night.

I wonder what the Canucks’ plan will be for the game… Because Rick Tocchet will have to find a replacement for him in his lineup.

This morning, McDavid spoke to the media and commented on his opponent’s gesture.

The Oilers captain is humble: in his eyes, it can happen in the playoffs because emotions run high:

There’s a great rivalry between the two clubs and it’s only getting stronger.

That said, the next game and the rest of the series could get pretty violent.

It promises to be!

In brief

– John Tavares loves playing in Toronto.

– Good listening.

– Really?

– The pressure’s on.

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