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To hear Jean-Philippe Glaude (Preds scout) tell it, Tij Iginla is going to be dominant.
Credit: Photo by Dale Preston/Getty Images

The draft is a month and a half away, and it’s unclear what the Habs will do with the 5th pick.

The Habs would like to get their hands on a forward… And we’ve already talked about a few logical candidates for the Montreal team.

Of the lot? Tij Iginla, Jarome’s son.

In all the articles I’ve written about Tij, I’ve never been afraid to say it: he’s my favorite of the 2024 crop, because he ticks all the boxes the Habs want to tick (or almost).

Jean-Philippe Glaude, a scout for the Nashville Predators, talked about Iginla during a recent appearance on BPM Sports, and that’s different, because Glaude is in the business and it’s his job to scout young talent.

That said, listening to Jean-Philippe Glaude talk, we realize that Tij Iginla has all the tools to become a dominant player in the NHL:

  • Explosive
  • Natural goal scorer
  • Good physique (6’0′ and 186 pounds at 17)
  • Disciplined
  • Mentality of a guy who’s always looking to improve because of his father, Jarome

We’re also talking about a guy who stands up in the important moments :

This fits in with what the Habs are looking for because Tij Iginla is a guy with a big character.

He seems tailor-made to evolve in a market like Montreal… And management likes players of that style. #Slaf

But the great thing about Tij is that he watched his father work like a dog all his youth.

Jarome never rested on the ice, and it shows in the young man’s game.

The following video is long… but it does show Tij Iginla’s 47 goals this season in the WHL (in 64 games).

Take your time (if you have it)… And maybe you’ll fall in love with him, like I did:

– Gabriel Gervais will take over as interim sports director.

– Huh! Great news.

– Yikes.

– That goes without saying!

– It’s always the coach’s fault….

– Good!

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