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The new Salt Lake City team will wear only “Utah” on its jersey.
Credit: Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images
The Coyotes are no longer in Arizona.

The result?

I’d love to tell you about it… But it’s vague at this point, apart from the fact that the new club will be moving to Salt Lake City. Very vague indeed.

I say this for logical reasons:

The team name hasn’t been revealed…

We’ve never seen the club logo…

We know there won’t be a mascot next year…

And now we learn that the team will only have the name “Utah” on its jersey next season:

In Chris Johnston’s publication, we see that 20 names have been proposed for the new team.

Montaineers or Glaciers, sounds like I like it. Same for the Black Diamonds…


That said, the league (NHL) has done everything it can to get out of the desert, and that’s all to the good.

But now…

The NHL will start next season with one of its teams without a logo, without a name… And without an identity?

It’s all a bit Gary Bettman in e*sti. And forgive my language.

Mostly, I feel bad for the fans in Salt Lake City because they came out in droves to welcome their new team.

There’s a desire for a fresh start, on the “old” Coyotes side… And there’s no one who can offer that right now.

It’s up to Ryan Smith (owner) to put things right quickly.

Because at the end of the day, nobody wants to see the Coyotes situation repeated.


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