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Bob McKenzie’s list: Cayden Lindstrom on the Canadian roster
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That’s it: we now know that the Canadiens will draft fifth overall in the next auction.

Last night answered a number of questions, both about the Habs’ ranking and the Habs’ intentions. DG Kent Hughes thinks he’ll keep his pick to draft a forward, basically.

But the question is: who will be available to the Habs after the first four selections?

Obviously, at this point, it makes sense to try to predict the top four draft picks. That’s what everyone in Montreal will be trying to do between now and the end of June.

And when I say everyone, I mean the fans, the media… but especially the Habs.

The best resource to help is undoubtedly Bob McKenzie’s list. The TSN journalist may be retired (most of the time), but he’s still the best-plugged guy around.

Why do I say that? Because McKenzie bases his list not on what he thinks, but on his discussions with numerous people who have both hands in the machine. He doesn’t miss a thing.

Even Kent Hughes alluded to Bob’s list last night. That gives you an idea…

And in his list, which was made yesterday before the draft order was known, McKenzie puts Cayden Lindstrom fifth, the one now owned by the Habs.

Of course, the list has time to change 1,000 times, so we’ll have to rely on the latest version of the rankings, which will be released just before the actual draft.

But it’s still a superb clue that can encourage many a fan. After all, his description of Lindstrom begins like this:

The 6’3 center of the Medicine Hat Tigers is a scorer…

Let’s just say he fits in with everything the Habs are looking for. Habs management shouldn’t draft him just for that, but let’s just say it’s a great first point. #RememberJesperiKotkaniemi

A center would be better than a left-handed defenseman, let’s face it. It would add to the club’s depth at the position, which could push a center to the wing. And I like that.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Habs haven’t closed the door on a right-handed defenseman.

I really wouldn’t mind a scenario where Artyom Levshunov arrives in Montreal and Logan Mailloux is traded for a big 20-21 year-old forward, let’s say.

Let’s not forget that next week, a big meeting with the club’s scouts is on the menu for the Habs. That’s when the club’s roster will take shape and Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, Martin Lapointe and Nick Bobrov will have a good idea of what’s on the table.

Stay tuned.

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