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Jon Cooper: “putting on skirts” for keepers who can’t make contact
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And now a second team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Lightning joined the Washington Capitals in being shown the way home. We’re talking about two clubs that had their moments of glory in the past, but now have to deal with the inevitable downfall that follows more successful years.

By the way, as of tonight, the Maple Leafs, Islanders, Jets and Predators may also have to pack their bags, since the first-round series isn’t exactly tight… apart from the one involving Vegas and Dallas.


The Lightning were the second club eliminated, partly because of the timing of the schedule (some clubs will surely be heading home tonight, 24 hours after Tampa Bay)… but the fact remains that for Tampa Bay, losing so early is a setback.

Losing in the first round last year could have been seen as “an anomaly”, or as the result of three consecutive seasons of making it to the Grand Finals.

But losing in the first round again this season is a trend.

It’s all very well for Jon Cooper to come out and say that the two goals the Lightning were denied yesterday were because the goalies can’t take contact any more and should be given skirts, but…

Contacts in the playoffs are prison rules, but they’re not prison rules for goalies? The second something happens, we might as well have put skirts on them.

They have to go through contact too. – Jon Cooper

But the fact remains that if the Lightning hadn’t put themselves in a position where Game #5 was a no-win duel for the club, they wouldn’t have been at the mercy of “a goalie who doesn’t move” to generate a disallowed goal.

I’m not saying the coach is fundamentally wrong. After all, both goals could well have been awarded.

However, it’s an astonishing comment from a coach trained to be a lawyer at heart. Cooper has always said the right things in the playoffs to maintain control, and he flatters his opponents in the process.

Does he feel the Lightning dynasty slipping through his hands?

In gusto

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