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Extending Crosby’s contract could hurt the Penguins
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The Penguins are in a rather uncomfortable situation. On the one hand, the veterans want to take advantage of their last moments together to win, but on the other, there aren’t many high-calibre prospects in the organization. It would be tempting for Kyle Dubas to clean the house and split the team at zero.

Sidney Crosby’s future may well dictate the direction the organization takes. Remember that the Penguins captain will be spending the final year of his contract next year ($8.7 million).

He’ll be asking for a higher salary for his final years, but can the Penguins afford to keep him?

Delaying a rebuild could hurt the organization for years to come. Crosby definitely has value, but if the Penguins keep him, it’s because they believe they can win the Cup by 2028 if we assume 87’s contract will be for three years.

Journal de Québec journalist Kevin Dubé had some fun visualizing two scenarios to illustrate the situation.

In the first, the captain finishes his career in Pittsburgh and Kyle Dubas finds himself stuck with several aging player contracts. In the second, Crosby agrees to be traded to help the Penguins rebuild.

Let’s face it, it seems unthinkable to see Crosby in another uniform. What’s more, he’s already said he wants to finish his career in Pittsburgh. However, it should be noted that Rob Rossi of The Athletic has reported that there have been no talks yet between Crosby and the Penguins.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have the ammunition it used to have for a long playoff run. Jake Guentzel has moved on and the core isn’t getting any younger. Dubas and Crosby would do well to rethink their position and seriously consider a trade. But will the mutual love between the two parties be too strong? We’ll find out eventually.

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