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Welcome to Utah: “It’s the best day of my NHL career,” says André Tourigny
Credit: Gwtty Images
Today is a big day in Salt Lake City. The players and coaches of the former Arizona club were introduced.

It’s clear that the city is ready for hockey.

45 minutes before the start of the show, the Delta Arena was almost full to capacity.

Everyone on this team is excited about the move. After all, it’s a lot different than the Arizona desert.

But André Tourigny is probably the most excited of all. He confessed that he almost had tears in his eyes when he arrived. According to him, this is the best day of his NHL career.

It’s true that the first seven years of his NHL career won’t go down in history; his standards are pretty low, but still. He’s had a wonderful, emotional time.

The city gave his future team a warm welcome. At the airport, a hundred kids skipped school to see their favorites.

I’m not one for dropping out of school, but when it comes to hockey, you can let some slide.

It’s been a tough few years for the former Coyotes and I love the welcome the people of Salt Lake City have given them. They deserve it.

Now it’s time for success. At least they won’t have the idea of moving in their heads when they’re on the ice… It makes for some tasty quotes.


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