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Nick Suzuki and his girlfriend are now engaged
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

A few days ago, my colleague Michaël Petit talked about how busy the Canadiens’ players will be this off-season.

Yes, several players will be taking part in the World Championships, but three players will be getting married. They are Jake Evans, Josh Anderson and Brendan Gallagher.

And today, via the Instagram account of Nick Suzuki’s girlfriend, we learned that she and the captain are now engaged.

I still don’t know if they’ll get married this summer, too, but let’s just say that the forwards don’t stop working.

Maybe that’s why they turned down the invitation to the World Championship…

Does Michel Bergeron understand the situation, do you think?

Anyway, congratulations to the two lovebirds. Suzuki took advantage of their stay at a very luxurious resort to propose to Caitlin Fitzgerald.

My boss, but also DLC private investigator Max Truman had no problem finding out that a night at Amanera Resort costs around $4,000. Spare change for the 14th.

In bursts

– Yes.

– Nice souvenir from the Michel Therrien era.

– Nice read on David Reinbacher.

– You can’t change a winning formula.

– Quite a pilot.

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