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Tony Marinaro: “I would choose a root canal before P-L Dubois”.
Credit: YouTube
At the last trade deadline, there were rumors of Pierre-Luc Dubois being sent to Montreal.

The original idea was to create a “problem” exchange…

But the scenario never materialized, and that’s just as well.

Tony Marinaro revisited these rumours today on the Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez show (BPM Sports), and made a statement worth sharing.

Because it’s funny:

Pick up Pierre-Luc Dubois or spend eight hours at the dentist to get a root canal? I’ll take the root canal right now! – Tony Marinaro

Pierre-Luc Dubois had a terrible season in Los Angeles and Kings management must not be happy with his performance.

I mean… They still offered him an eight-year contract at $8.5 million per season after acquiring him at a high price from Winnipeg, and the Quebecer finished the campaign with 16 goals and 40 points in 82 games.

Not what you want from a player who earns that kind of cash…

And on top of that, we’ve heard about Dubois’ attitude problems even after he arrived in Los Angeles.

Can you imagine how angry the Habs fans would be with him? The passion of the fans in Montreal is intense, everyone knows that…

And we saw it this season with Josh Anderson, in particular, who found himself at the heart of so much criticism because of his performance on the ice.

The Habs dodged a bullet… And taking a step back, as much as I hate the dentist to death, I have no choice but to agree with Tony Marinaro.

In bursts

– Well done.

– He loves his role.

– Exact.

– Absolutely.

– Which version of Casey DeSmith will we see tonight?

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