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Kings in Quebec City: Alcohol and food will not be paid for by taxpayers
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The Kings will be in Quebec City this fall to hold their annual training camp in preparation for the start of next season.

Games against the Bruins and Panthers are also on the schedule…

But it’s also worth remembering that the $5 to $7 million subsidy (public money) offered by the government for the Kings to come and play exhibition games in Quebec City didn’t go down well with many, which is to be expected.

Further details were revealed today, as we learned that the Quebec government will not have to pay for the Kings’ players’ meals and alcohol.

At least, that’s what Youri Rousseau, Associate Secretary of the Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale, revealed:

Under the terms of the agreement, Quebecor will cover the costs of presenting events, while the Los Angeles Kings will be responsible for all team expenses, including meals and personal expenses. – Youri Rousseau

The quote above was taken from an article by Marc-André Gagnon published on the Journal de Montréal website:

Can you imagine the hassle it would be if taxpayers had to pay for the players’ food and drink?

The Kings’ case in Quebec City made so many headlines for all the wrong reasons, that it would have been the end of the line in the eyes of many.

And that, too, would have been normal.

As a final reminder, there are still many tickets available for the two games to be presented at the Centre Vidéotron in Quebec City.

This indicates that, for the time being, interest in these events is not necessarily there for the people of Quebec City.

We’re talking about two exhibition games with teams that aren’t necessarily popular in the province, but still.


🤑 🤑

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– It’s not nothing.

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