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Patrick Roy wants to motivate his players by talking about the conquest of 1993.
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Last night, the Islanders really got away with it.

They were winning Game 2 of their series against the Hurricanes by a score of 3-0… And Patrick Roy’s men simply collapsed.

Carolina scored five unanswered goals to escape with the win and take a 2-0 series lead.

Patrick Roy has seen it all in his career, however, and he’s not ready to give up.

He remembers the Nordiques-Canadien series in the spring of 1993…

And he wants to use it to motivate his players, because back then, the Habs came back to Montreal with a 2-0 deficit in the series.

The Tricolore went on to win the series in six games, while winning the next four:

Patrick Roy is a good motivator and that’s what makes him a good coach.

For example, it’s the players who will have to respond on the ice because he can’t do anything behind the bench.

The Islanders will have to find a way to limit the Hurricanes’ attack… And they’ll also have to find a way to be more offensive.

After their third goal yesterday, they threw at the net just three times in 37 minutes of play. Even if they had the lead, that’s not how they’re going to get ahead… Especially not in the playoffs.

But therein lies the Islanders’ problem. They have no offense, and they have to rely on their goalie’s big performances to dominate a game.

Can Patrick Roy’s talk of the Habs’ 1993 conquest really change things?

One thing’s for sure: all Islanders players will have to play better hockey… because if they don’t, they’ll be back on the golf course soon enough.

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