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Utah owner confirms André Tourigny’s return next year
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The Arizona Coyotes had an excellent start to the season, so much so that at one point there was talk of a playoff run.

But the end of the year was difficult, at every level. The organization collapsed on the ice; it has the sixth-best chance of winning the Macklin Celebrini lottery, but we also learned in the last few days that it won’t be staying in Arizona.

Obviously, this prompted reactions and questions. But one of the questions that can’t go on any longer is the identity of the coach in Salt Lake City. Team owner Ryan Smith confirmed Tourigny’s return behind the bench.

The information was then processed Go Nordiques!

In three seasons at the helm of the Coyotes, the Quebecer has a record of 89 wins, 131 losses and 26 more in overtime. But you can’t blame him for his poor record; he’s at the helm of a rebuilding team.

With the numerous picks of the last few years, and Smith’s champion mentality (for real), we’re heading for slightly better days in Salt Lake City. I’m happy to know that André Tourigny is the right man for the job. He’s a very good guy, a local guy, and he’s very generous with his time with the Quebec media.

Everyone will have to prove themselves during the club’s first season in Salt Lake City.

DG Bill Armstrong will also be keeping his job. Now, a name will have to be found and the defenders will have to sign contracts. They are all free agents…

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