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If Nick Suzuki said no to Canada, he must have a good reason.
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Yesterday, Michel Bergeron got angry. He claimed that Nick Suzuki had no reason to be tired, and that he had made the wrong decision in refusing to represent Canada at the World Championship.

Naturally, his outburst caused quite a stir. After all, Nick Suzuki hasn’t missed a game since joining the NHL five years ago. And even though he hasn’t made the playoffs since 2021, there’s a reason he said no to Canada.

Even though he’s currently in the South.

But the fact remains that the subject is the talk of the town. Maxim Lapierre, who works with Michel Bergeron in real life and is also associated with La Poche Bleue, mentioned in a text that he understood Nick Suzuki.

Lapierre took the trouble to sum up what it means to play for Canada (he speaks from experience) and added the following:

I can’t imagine a guy would say no to that if he didn’t have a very good reason. – Maxim Lapierre

Suzuki undoubtedly knows that playing in the WC would help him for the Four Nations Tournament in 2025 and the Games in 2026. If he said no (unlike Kaiden Guhle, Cole Caufield and Juraj Slafkovsky with their respective countries), there must be something there.

Is he hiding an injury? Is he really tired? Is he afraid of getting hurt? Does he want to spend time with his family? Has he seen his bosses recommend something? Who knows?

Remember that Mike Matheson (who is expecting a child next month) and Samuel Montembeault (who played and won last year) also turned down the Canadian team’s invitation.

It’s also worth noting that Europeans “who only live for the World Championship”, according to some, are criticized, and North Americans who say no are criticized too. So you have to say yes, but not be happy to go to satisfy everyone, like?

In short

– Those who say medicine doesn’t work miracles can go to hell.

– Max knows so much about life that he’s dangerous. More than a bear, even.

– Wow.

– Of note.

– To be continued.

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