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Rumours of Trevor Zegras being sent to Montreal: “it’s crap” in the player’s eyes
Credit: Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

As you know, the Canadiens will be looking to add an important piece to the club’s roster this off-season. Trading a defenseman for a forward is a possibility.

Will Trevor Zegras be the forward in question? We don’t know.

What we do know, of course, is that the rumours are out there. Whether it’s because of the potential fit , whether it’s because of the way he’s treated in California, whether it’s because of his connection to Cole Caufield or whether it’s because of something else, the rumours are out there.

And inevitably, the main interested party knows all about it.

As reported by Eric Stephens (The Athletic ) and subsequently picked up on RDS, the Ducks player knows that rumours exist about him. Dealing with all this hasn’t been easy.

In The Athletic article, we read that rumours between the Canadiens and Anaheim are a big part of the speculation surrounding the talented Ducks forward.

And it’s clear that Zegras sees this.

It’s not hard to see. – Trevor Zegras

He adds that the rumors sending him to Montreal and elsewhere suck (in the sense that it’s crap and he has to deal with it) and that he can simply control what he can control. He won’t say otherwise as long as he’s in Anaheim… unless he wants to publicly ask for a trade.

For all the reasons given at the beginning of this text, and because we know that the Habs and the Ducks have had discussions about the player, we know that there is some truth to the story.

But Kent Hughes, both in managing the Pierre-Luc Dubois file and in his end-of-season comments (he won’t do everything to improve his club, since it won’t be at the expense of the future), won’t go looking for him.

There are many aspects – including his attitude – to consider beforehand… but this summer’s dossier will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.

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