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Injuries: Jim Ramsay had a huge impact on the Habs in 2023-24
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Last summer, the Habs decided it was time to do something about the injury problem in town. In the two seasons leading up to 2023-24, the club had had to deal with tons and tons of injuries, to the point where for two consecutive seasons, it ranked first in games missed by players due to injury.

And we’re not talking small numbers: in 2022-23, the club’s players had to miss 547 games due to injury.

Among the club’s actions was the hiring of Jim Ramsay, with whom Jeff Gorton had worked at Rangers. Ramsay was recognized as one of the best in his profession, so many wondered what his arrival would bring to the club.

According to NHLInjuryViz, a specialist in the field, Habs players missed 222 games due to injury this season.

That’s a far cry from the 547 games in 2022-23.

Having done the calculations, the 222 games don’t seem to include injuries to Kirby Dach (80 games), Chris Wideman (82 games) and Carey Price (82 games). That said, even if you include Dach’s 80 games (Wideman and Price were never going to play this season), it’s still a far cry from last season’s huge figure.

Obviously, injuries are part of the game, and some are unavoidable (for example, Dach’s knee injury or Joshua Roy’s thumb injury), but what we notice most is that the guys’ absences didn’t last forever.

And sometimes, they even came back faster than expected.

In 2022-23, only Nick Suzuki played all 82 games for the team. This season, he repeated the feat, but this time, four of his teammates followed suit: Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovský, Mike Matheson and Jake Evans all played 82 games.

And had he not been suspended, Brendan Gallagher would probably have achieved the same feat. The only five games he missed were due to suspension, not injury.

It hasn’t been perfect injury-wise this season, but it’s clearly a big step forward for a club that has been so plagued by injuries in recent years.

And this is also an important piece to consider in the team’s progression.

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