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Tonight, Logan Mailloux must play a lot (like Lane Hutson yesterday).
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Last night, Lane Hutson played his very first NHL game in a Canadiens uniform.

And the little defenseman did well under the circumstances.

He finished the game with an assist, a shot on goal and almost 22 minutes of playing time (21:54). Everyone was excited to see him in action, and let’s just say he didn’t disappoint in his big-league debut.

Tonight, we’ll see another young Montreal defenseman play his first career game on the Bettman circuit.

Logan Mailloux, who was recalled by the Habs after yesterday’s game, is the man in question.

That said, if Martin St-Louis gave Hutson a big role on the ice against the Red Wings last night, the coach must do the same with Mailloux tonight.

It will be the perfect time to evaluate the young right-handed defenseman, after all…

And with the season he’s having in Laval, Mailloux deserves some reward :

(Credit: Hockey DB)

Logan Mailloux has worked hard (on and off the ice) to get where he is today, and we have to be happy for him.

That’s also why, in my eyes, Martin St-Louis has to give him the chance to shine on the ice tonight .

He needs to be put in a situation where he can be successful because he deserves to be, in other words.

So I can’t wait to see how Mailloux is used… And I can’t wait to see how Lane Hutson is used.

Could we see either of them on the first wave of the power play, in place of Mike Matheson? I hope so, given that the season is “over” and tonight’s game doesn’t matter in the playoff standings.

But… if that’s the case, will it be Hutson or Mailloux at blue-line quarterback?

That’s the question!

In gusto

– Hopefully, this will help the club in its playoff race.

– What do you think?

– Still.

– Bravo!

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– Rory Mcllroy and the LIV Golf, we can forget about it.

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